Worship Times

Each week, we offer eight weekend worship opportunities, each with the same message but different styles. We also offer Runners Chapel, a time of devotions held outdoors for runners, walkers and cyclists of all skill levels, and Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered 12-step recovery ministry. Formal or casual, traditional or contemporary, reflective or dynamic ... chances are we have a worship service that will help you draw closer to God. 

Times and Locations:


Communion is celebrated at the Traditional Communion Services at 8am and 10:55am every Sunday and usually the first weekend of every month at all services. Communion at Christ Church, and all United Methodist churches, is open to all who want to follow Jesus Christ, regardless of age or religious background.  

Worship styles

Mosaic Praise Service - Saturday 6pm | Gym  This service in the Fort Lauderdale Gym is a Mosaic of contemporary and traditional worship styles, with music led by the Praise Band. Song lyrics are projected onto a large screen so everyone can participate. Pastors and worshipers wear more casual attire. Holy Communion is celebrated on the Saturday preceding the first Sunday of each month.

Runners Chapel - Sunday 6am | West Circle Drive | Fort Lauderdale Campus  This new ministry, led by Christ Church senior pastor and marathon runner Brett Opalinski, is part of the United Methodist Fresh Expressions initiative. The goal is to present a new form of worship for our changing culture, as well as to benefit those who may not be part of any church. Runners Chapel is another choice for members and attenders, as well as the community of athletes near the Fort Lauderdale campus early Sunday mornings. 

Traditional Communion Service - Sunday | 8am | Pompano Beach Chapel  The service is held in the beautiful and historic Pompano Beach Chapel. We read the Scriptures from the lectionary each week, and the worship has a more "high church" feel. Holy Communion is celebrated weekly and Pastors wear robes. Music is led from the organ, and we sing traditional hymns.

Celebration Service - Sunday | 9:30am | Sanctuary  The Celebration Service is both traditional and upbeat. We sing familiar hymns, and music is led by the Chancel Choir. Pastors do not wear robes, and the service feels less formal. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.

Praise Service - Sunday 9:40am | Gym  The Praise Service is held in a casual, comfortable environment. You can feel free to come as you are, and grab a cup of coffee on your way in to the service. Music is led by the Praise Band, with song lyrics projected on a large screen so everyone can participate. Pastors wear more casual attire instead of traditional robes. This service regularly uses video and other media. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.

Traditional Communion Service - Sunday | 10:55am | Sanctuary  The Traditional Service features traditional hymns and music led by our Chancel Choir. Pastors wear traditional robes, and we pray the Lord's Prayer and recite the Apostles' Creed each week. Holy Communion is celebrated each week. 

Love in Action Service - Sunday | 3:16pm | Pompano Beach Chapel  This casual worship service feels like home, with sharing and teaching in the homey and historic Pompano Beach Chapel where we sing familiar hymns. Many worshipers arrive by 2pm to share a meal in the adjoining Sikes Hall before the service. 

Taizé Prayer Service - Wednesday | 6:30pm | First Wednesday of each month | Fort Lauderdale Sanctuary  Taizé, pronounced tah-ZAY, is a candlelit meditative service, rather than a sermon style service. It is centered around music, scripture readings, prayer and silence to quiet the mind, open the heart and feed the soul, a time of quiet and solitude in the presence of God.