Grow Groups Session 1

Christ Church has launched new Grow Groups, classes that meet 10-11am each Sunday. This first semester of classes meets for six weeks, April 15 through May 20. The Grow Hour is an intentional time of faith formation where worshipers have the opportunity to take their next steps in faith through grow/discipleship classes and groups, and foster deeper community among people. Members, friends and guests are encouraged to take part in one of the Grow Groups classes, before or after attending their preferred worship service.

Note: You may join the Pastor’s Message Study any time during the April 15-May 20 series. Although the other Grow Group classes are now closed, the new semester classes will be announced soon. 


  • Disciple's Path

    —Deepening Your Relationship with Christ and the Church—In this group you will explore discipleship in a way that meets you where you are and challenges you to go further in your spiritual journey. You will develop spiritual practices, discover your unique gifts, and become engaged in ministry that brings transformation in your life, the lives of others, and the world. Disciple’s Path is the starting point for spiritual growth at Christ Church. Required Materials: Disciple’s Path Workbook (Suggested Donation $9). The leader of this group is Harvey Oaxaca..

  • GRACE, NOT PERFECTION - Women's Study

    —Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy—Many of us would describe our lives as “busy” or “overwhelmed.” Jugging your multiple roles leaves you exhausted, with little time to rest and enjoy life. In this study you will go on a journey that leads towards a simpler life, one that allows you to breath, laugh, and experience God’s grace. Required Materials: Grace Not Perfection Study Guide (Suggested Donation $10) The leader of this group is Stephanie Beaty.


    —Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today—If you’ve ever struggled or been confused with the Bible, you are not alone. In this study you will use Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense of the Bible to address lingering questions and often misunderstood Biblical themes. This study will give you a deeper appreciation of the Bible so that we might hear God speak through it and find its words to be life-changing and life-giving. Required Materials: Making Sense of the Bible by Adam Hamilton (Suggested Donation $7). The leader of this group is Pastor Josh Beaty.

  • Serving from the Heart

    —Finding Your Gifts and Talents for Service—We find joy and fulfillment through serving others when we serve in a role that matches who God created us to be. In this study you will take a journey of self-discovery by assessing your spiritual gifts, talents and abilities, resources, individual style, dreams, and experiences—all adding up to an enhanced capacity to serve God and neighbor. Required Materials: Serving from the Heart (Suggested Donation $15) The leader of this group is Martha Luzinski.

  • Art of Christ Church


    —Discovering the Beauty and Meaning in Front of Us—Our Fort Lauderdale sanctuary is one of our treasures. Adorning our walls, narthex, and altar is art with rich depth and meaning. In this study you will explore the art in the sanctuary so you can develop a deeper connection with God and the beauty that surrounds you in worship. The leader of this group is Melissa Dore.

  • Pastor's Study

    —Diving Deeper into the Sermon—In the Pastor’s Study you will open your Bible and learn more about the passages and themes explored in the sermon. You will also discuss ways the sermon can be applied to your life in a personal and authentic way. This is a great place to start if you want to explore Grow Groups. Required Materials: Bible (If you need a Bible, we will give you one for free.) The leader of this group is Pastor Brett Opalinski.

  • A Conversation on Race

    —Becoming Peacemakers through Discussion and Relationships—Racial division and distrust is a reality we see in our churches and community. God is calling Christ Church to be peacemakers through encouraging members to develop real and lasting relationships with persons of different races and ethnicities. A Conversation on Race will foster open conversations through sharing experiences, questions, and apprehensions in having a relationship with someone from a different race. The group will also discuss such issues as stereotypes, the concept of "white privilege", institutional racism, implicit bias, and other topics that emerge. This group will periodically meet in another location, starting with worship and lunch at St. John's UMC on April 15. The leaders of this group are Pat Burton, Tony Ash and Linda Bajkowsky.

  • The Stories of Hymns

    Adult Rehearsal Room

    —The History Behind Christianity’s Greatest Hymns—Hymns are more than beautiful musical compositions. They provide us with heightened language for praising and speaking to God, all while teaching us theology that reflects both the depth and complexity of our Lord. In The Stories of Hymns, you will discuss the history and content of some of our most beloved hymns, opening the way for a deeper connection with God. The leader of this group is Connie Bookholt.

  • Student Ministry Group

    Freeway Room

    Student ministry Grow Groups that help students (Grades 6-12) develop their faith will be offered each Grow semester. The leaders of this group are Scott and Lauren Didriksen.

  • Children's Studies

    Crosswalk Room (ages 3-5) and Walkway Room (ages 6-12)

    Children's ministry studies that help your child grow in his or her faith will be offered each Grow semester.