Enchanted Christmas Tree

During the Christmas season we spend so much time trying to find the perfect gift for the people we love. When we find that perfect gift for that special someone, it brings us great joy to see the happiness on their face. But isn’t Christmas really about the birth of Jesus Christ who brought us the perfect gift of eternal life? 

This Christmas, you have the opportunity to give your best gift to Jesus by taking the amount you spend on the most expensive gift and adding $1 to that amount. Then, on Sunday morning, December 24, you can place that amount in a gift bag that will be provided that morning and hang it on the bare trees in the sanctuary.

If you are unable to be in worship Sunday morning, December 24, you may still participate by giving an over-and-above gift in advance by writing Enchanted Tree on the offering envelope or check memo line.  Then, on Sunday morning, we'll represent your gift on the tree in your absence.

Giving our best gift to Jesus, we take a bare tree and turn it into an Enchanted Tree! Our perfect gift to Jesus Christ will be a blessing to us and to our community.