How you can help with the 2018 Foot Washing Ministry
ChristChurch |
03/02/2018 |
Team leaders Richard Storts and Andra Opalinski invite you to reflect the love, hope and joy of Jesus Christ to our community by donating new sneakers and towels and volunteering with the Foot Washing Ministry on Sunday, March 25, 2018, on the Pompano Beach Campus.
Town Hall Meeting on missional worship
ChristChurch |
02/18/2018 |
On Sunday, February 18, 2018, Pastors Brett Opalinski and Josh Beaty led a town hall meeting on a new missional worship schedule for Sunday mornings. This is an audio recording of that service, illustrated with slides prepared for this meeting.
Invitation to a town hall meeting
ChristChurch |
02/07/2018 |
On Sunday, February 18, at 5pm, the Church Council invites you to a town hall meeting about missional worship and reformatting Sundays.
Love in Action Pompano Beach
ChristChurch |
01/16/2018 |
Richard Storts, the creator of Love in Action Pompano Beach, and Yvonne Womack, lay leader of Love in Action Pompano Beach, describe in 2017 the beginning of the shared meal and its impact on the community.
Trunk or Treat 2017
ChristChurch |
10/29/2017 |
What a great time on Christ Church Field with our friends and neighbors -- and lots of treats for Trunk or Treat!
Celebrating the Early Learning Center - 2017
ChristChurch |
10/22/2017 |
Children of the Christ Church Early Learning Center celebrate the center's enrollment success and invite Christ Church worshipers to support Trunk or Treat, October 29, 2017.
The intersection of God and running
ChristChurch |
08/28/2017 |
Ryan Hall, the nation's fastest marathon runner, will appear at Christ Church on Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10. Hall is not only phenomenally fast, but also a man of faith who trusts God with his life, his family and his career. Perhaps you think running has little to do with your life, but Christ Church Lead Pastor and marathon runner Brett Opalinski and Ryan Hall see parallels..
Who is Ryan Hall?
ChristChurch |
08/20/2017 |
Ryan Hall, America's fastest marathon runner, will appear at Christ Church Saturday and Sunday, September 9 & 10, 2017. In addition to being one of the best long-distance runners of all time, he is a man of incredible faith, devoted husband and father and founder of the STEPS foundation.
Footwashing ministry 2017
ChristChurch |
04/09/2017 |
Christ Church, in partnership with Holy Cross Hospital and FAU's Lynn College of Nursing, was blessed to serve nearly 200 people by washing their feet, offering foot care and providing new shoes. The annual event was held on Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. on the Pompano Beach Campus of Christ Church.