Love in Action Pompano Beach

Love in Action Pompano Beach started July 5, 2015, when God led Christ Church to begin weekly shared meals on Sundays, open to all in the community surrounding the Pompano Beach Campus. The shared meal has grown from 80 guests on that first Sunday to a community of up to 200 guests who come each week for food and fellowship.

Music, devotions and communal prayer are shared before the 2pm meal. Some guests come because they’re physically hungry, and others for the conversation and emotional support that is also served by Christ Church volunteers.

Clothing is distributed each week, and haircuts are offered twice a month. Clothing donations may be brought to Sikes Hall on Sundays at 12noon.

Guests are also becoming active within the Christ Church family. Some regularly attend the Thursday night Bible study. And at their request, some guests helped launch a 3:16pm Sunday worship service following the shared meal. The casual service includes sharing, teaching, and singing familiar hymns in the historic Pompano Beach Chapel.

If you or your small group would like to become part of this ministry, please click here to contact ministry leader, Yvonne Womack.