Who we are

Christ Church is a United Methodist community called to reflect the love, hope and joy of Jesus Christ to our community. 

To live fully into this purpose, we follow these discipleship practices: 

  • worship passionately
  • grow intentionally
  • serve as the hands and feet of Jesus
  • invite others to the joy of life in Christ 

The core values of our ministry are:

  • driven by the Holy Spirit  We want to be where God is leading us.
  • courageous change  We want to have the courage to change to reach new people in new ways, as God leads. 
  • outwardly focused  We want to serve our community before we serve ourselves.
  • intentional discipleship  We want each ministry to help others take the next step in their faith journey. 
  • congregational   Ministry is to be carried out by the congregation, equipped by pastors and staff.  

We hope you'll join us as we journey together! A great place to start is by attending one of our worship services. Click here for worship times and locations.