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Crosswalk is the discipleship program for children. It operates 9am-12:15pm most Sundays for children ages 3 and potty-trained, through fifth grade. Christ Church is eager to partner with you to help the children in your life grow as disciples of Jesus.

First-time Guests

We love having guests and want your first experience at Crosswalk to be awesome! The beginning of your path in Crosswalk depends on your family's worship time. If you have questions, please feel free to call Kerry Zimmer, assistant director of Crosswalk, at 954. 771.7300 or email her

If your family worships at the 9am praise service...

Check-in your child as you enter the gym. Children will begin the worship hour with their families. After Pastor Monique McBride, pastor of schools and families, gives the children's message, children will be led upstairs to Kids Worship, where they will participate in age-appropriate activities related to the day's message. 

While you participate in a Grow Hour class...

Children are invited to stay in the Crosswalk Clubhouse (preschoolers) and Walkway Room (elementary school) to learn more about God in age-appropriate ways. Families arriving for the Grow Hour will check-in their children on the second floor of the gym building, just outside the Crosswalk Clubhouse and Walkway Room.

If your family worships at the 11am traditional service...

Children who checked in for the 10am Grow Hour will be led to the sanctuary by a children's ministry leader. Children who arrive for the 11am worship service will check in at a table in the sanctuary lobby. After a children's message by Pastor Monique, all children will be led upstairs to Kids Worship. Parents can pick up their children there after the service.

Discipleship goals

Each grade has a discipleship goal, building on the previous year's goal and helping children prepare for confirmation as a sixth grader in the Freeway Student Ministry.

  • preschool | friend  Children learn that Jesus is their friend and loves them just as they are.
  • kindergarten -  second grade | learn  Children spend time learning the stories of the Old and New Testaments.
  • third - fifth grades | live out  Children learn how to live out their faith in real life ways.


Volunteering at Crosswalk is a great way to help children learn and grow as disciples of Jesus. Parents of Crosswalk children are encouraged to volunteer once a  month. All lessons and materials are provided. Click here to volunteer for Crosswalk Preschool or Crosswalk Elementary. All volunteers must be fingerprinted and pass a church background check.