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Worship Workshops

Worship Workshops are events where families with young children are welcome to explore themed centers and listen to a lesson on an aspect of worship, such as Holy Communion, baptism, stewardship, Palm Sunday and Pentecost. Here are some of the special topics each year. Click on the Christ Church calendar for the date of the next Worship Workshop. 

All about Easter

all-about-easter-logo-150-by-150.pngThe story of Holy Week can be tricky to share with children.  Yet, if we don’t share the story, Easter loses its meaning.  All About Easter is an event for families with young children which explains and celebrates the story of Holy Week in a child-friendly way.  There is a petting zoo with a donkey, sheep and chickens as well a chance to color easter eggs with all natural dyes like turmeric and beet juice.  The centerpiece of the event is a chance for the children to paint their feet purple and walk with you on the footsteps of Jesus through the story of Holy Week.  At the end of the path, you are invited to wash their feet and have prayer time together.  It is a very special and unique opportunity for your family.

ADVENTure to Christmas

adventure-to-christmas-logo-150-by-150.pngThe season of Advent is the beginning of the Christian year and a time to prepare our heart and mind for the celebration of Christmas.  The season of Advent helps keep Jesus central to Christmas celebrations and gives shape and order to the crazy days leading up to Christmas.  ADVENTure to Christmas is an evening event at which families are welcome to enjoy dinner together, learn about the season of Advent and create something to help journey together toward Christmas.  Whether it is a calendar or a wreath, the crafts we make at ADVENTure to Christmas are meant to be tools for families to use together as they celebrate at home. ADVENTure to Christmas is usually held on the Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving.

A Lent Event

a-lent-event-150-by-150.pngThough the stores would prefer we skip from Valentine’s Day to Easter, there is a Christian season in between called Lent which helps us to focus on the love of Jesus and be mindful of the daily choices we make to follow God.  A Lent Event is an evening event for families to introduce the season of Lent to families with young children.  We enjoy dinner together, hear a lesson on Ash Wednesday and Lent and make something together to journey through Lent and toward Easter.  Families are welcome to stay after the Lent Event to attend the Ash Wednesday service.