Summer Grow Groups

Christ Church offers Grow Groups for worshipers of all ages. Most are classes that meet 10-11am each Sunday. The summer semester continues through August 26.* This Grow Hour is an intentional time of faith formation where worshipers have the opportunity to take their next steps in faith through grow/discipleship classes and groups, and to foster deeper community among people. Members, friends and guests are encouraged to take part in one of the Grow Groups, before or after attending their preferred worship service.

Find the class you're interested in on the daily schedule posted outside of worship and go to the room.  

*Please Note:

  • Keep It Shut - Women's Summer Study will meet Wednesdays at 12noon, June 6 - July 25. Women are welcome to join any week. 


  • Pastor's Study

    Fellowship Hall 1

    Want to dive deeper into the weekly sermon? In the Pastor’s Message Study you will grow your understanding of the sermon’s Bible passage and how it applies to your life in a personal and authentic way. Everyone is welcome any Sunday. No advance sign-up is needed. This summer, the Pastor’s Message Study will focus on the book of Acts. Needed material: Bible (we will gladly give you one if needed). This group is lead by Pastor Brett Opalinski.

  • Sundays through August 26 Faith and Culture
    Fellowship Hall 2

    How does faith connect with the issues and events making headlines every day? In Faith and Culture, you will discuss a new topic each week, exploring how our faith informs the ways we understand and interact with current events. Everyone is welcome any Sunday; just drop in. The only things you need to bring: a Bible (we will gladly give you one if needed), and a willingness to talk, listen, laugh, and grow in your faith. This group's leader is Harvey Oaxaca, and assistant leader, Stephanie Beaty.

  • Sundays through August 26 Promised Land
    Breakout Room 1

    Just as the time and place of our birth and life shapes our journey, so the land and culture of the Hebrew people shaped their story. In Promised Land, you will discover how God’s people were guided to a specific place—the Promised Land—to impact the world both in ancient times and today. Needed materials: Bible (we will gladly give you one if needed). This group, lead by Maureen Kaelbel and Susan Lemak, is limited to 25 persons. Each week's lesson is independent, meaning you are welcome to join it any time during the semester.

  • Wednesdays June 6-July 25 Keep It Shut
    Freeway Room

    This class will meet at 12noon beginning on June 6, for seven sessions, based on Karen Ehman's book, Keep it Shut, about how (and how-not-to) deal with the tongue. Using biblical examples, Keep it Shut will equip you to know what to say, how best to say it, and when you'd better just keep your lips zipped. Cynthia Metzger-Phipps is the leader of this group.

  • Sundays Story of Our Hymns
    Adult Rehearsal Room

    Hymns are more than beautiful musical compositions. They provide us with a heightened language for praising and speaking to God, all while teaching us theology that reflects both the depth and complexity of our Lord. In this group you will discuss the history and content of some of our most beloved hymns, opening the way for a deeper connection with God. Optional material: Hymns Book. The leader of this group is Connie Bookholt.

  • Sundays Faith in a Young Adult World (Ages 18-25)
    staff conference room

    Faith is a journey, not a destination. For many, the young adult years are a time to discover what the next leg of their faith journey looks like. In Faith in a Young Adult World, you will explore a faith that becomes a way of life and an understanding of the church as a place of forgiveness, mystery, community. and transformation. Needed materials: Bible (we will gladly give you one),and Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (no cost). The leader of this group is Andra Opalinski.

  • Sundays Freeway Student Ministry Group
    Freeway Room

    This student ministry Grow Group (Grades 6-12) is lead by Lauren Didriksen. Come and join us for a time of conversation, connection, and deepening your faith. Group sessions are conversational, so come ready to learn about God as you connect with others.

  • Sundays Children's Studies
    Crosswalk Room (ages 3-5) and Walkway Room (ages 6-12)

    Children's ministry studies that help your child grow in his or her faith are offered each Grow semester.