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  • Sunday, August 19 Christ Church Emmaus Prayer Gathering
    Fellowship Hall 1

    All who have completed an Emmaus Walk are invited to attend this gathering to pray for our church, our pastors, our council, our community, and discernment in the direction God is leading our church and how we can be a positive connecting part of this journey. Need more information? Contact Kathy Porter below.

  • aug 19 & 26 | sept 9 & 30 conversations
    Christ Church

    Join us for an uncommon opportunity, a place to discuss tough issues without name calling, or labels or taking sides. In Courageous Conversations, we will engage in difficult conversations through the lenses of empathy, context and mission. Our conversations will be around the issues of LGBTQ inclusion in the United Methodist Church.

  • Tuesdays Track Workouts
    Cardinal Gibbons High School Track

    In conjunction with Runners Chapel, Pastor Brett Opalinski will be at the Cardinal Gibbons High School Track on Tuesdays to help interested walkers and runners learn more about the sport and to help them train. All runners and walkers are invited!

  • wednesday | Sept 5 Taize Prayer Service
    Christ Church Sanctuary

    Taizé, pronounced tah-ZAY, is a candlelit meditative service, rather than a sermon style service. It is centered around music, scripture readings, prayer and silence to quiet the mind, open the heart and feed the soul, a time of quiet and solitude in the presence of God.